Quality auto testing in Rochester

Hollywood Service Center is state certified in auto testing and inspection services. We are well-equipped and trained to perform any type of testing or inspection. Whether you are wanting to test a pre-owned vehicle before purchasing or need a regular safety inspection, our technicians can perform any auto testing needed.

Auto testings

If you are getting ready to buy a pre-owned vehicle, it is important to make sure the mechanics are in working order. We offer auto testing to ensure you are making the smart move when buying a used car. Our high standards and quality testing are what gives us a reputation in the community - visit Hollywood Service Center to get your complete inspection. 

Safety and NYS inspections

Some states require regular safety inspections and/or emissions testing on cars and trucks. At Hollywood Service Center, we are trained to perform these inspections to the highest quality. We are state certified in auto testing and inspections. Call us today at 585-271-9045 for inspection-related repairs and services.

Check engine light on?

Seeing your check engine light come on can be alarming, but it does not always mean there is a serious problem. Hollywood Service Center's staff are ready to check your car's systems and are equipped to give you a full diagnostic inspection to figure out the source of why that pesky engine light is on.
Quality auto testing before buying a used car in Rochester, NY
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