Rochester's local tire experts

Tires are the single most important safety feature on your car. Hollywood Service Center is your local tire expert; our sales and service technicians have expert knowledge on our brands and tire services to help make sure your repair or tire buying process goes smoothly. 


Whether you have a flat or your tire's tread life is nearing the end, our expert maintenance and tire services can help prolong the life of your wheels. Our experience and knowledge help make sure replacing a tire is not the only option. Our tire specialists know how to get as many miles as possible out of your tires, if you need a tire repair call us to find out why we are the local experts. 


If a replacement is the answer, our sales and service technicians are highly qualified and knowledgeable, making this sometimes daunting task more bearable. We offer touring tires, high-performance tires, winter tires, or all-season tires. We are at your service and will gladly walk you through the choices and make sure we pick the best tire for your car.   

Why we are the experts

In the auto repair and tire services industry, choosing the right service and professional mechanics is essential. Hollywood Service Center combines quality auto parts, trained and highly-skilled auto technicians, and great customer service. For our affordable and convenient services, give us a call at 585-271-9045.
Expert local tires in Rochester, NY
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